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Moonstone Raw Crystal & White Topaz Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

$ 94.90
925 Sterling Silver Raw Rough Cut Moonstone ring encrusted with white topaz gemstones.
Moonstone stones produce a milky, bluish interior light and can reflect any color of the rainbow.
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Rectangle/ Square fancy raw cut Moonstone
  • Stone measures approx 8x12 mm/1.5 mm
  • Stone color, shape, and texture will vary from ring to ring as these are real raw crystals created in nature.

*A B O U T   M O O N S T O N E*

A  mesmerizing stone from the feldspar family, moonstone has captivated the hearts of wearers due to the dreamy iridescent colors it radiates.

Moonstone has a hardness of 6-6.5, meaning it can get wet. However, like in the case of all stones, it should not be immersed for too long. Remove moonstone jewelry before participating in strenuous activity so as not to damage the stone. Do not expose to harsh chemicals.

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