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Thank you Mom for your infinite love!

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If you're a Mom, you know that you don't become a mom for recognition or acknowledgement for a job well done. We do it for the relationships it will build with our children and for the memories we will have later. Moms give endlessly and are so selfless! At the end of the day Mom's don't get time off from being a mom. No sick days or vacation days! 


Remember all those times she stepped on your lego pieces after she told you to clean them up? Cleaning your SMELLY socks after game day or playing outside all day? Eww! Let's not forget all the important things our Mom's have taught us in our lives. Our Mom really helped mold us into who we are today.

Mom's will always remember, and the memories will stay for a lifetime. A small token of love like a infinity necklace to remind her of your love, or a heart necklace can be just thing to say, "Thank you for dealing with me and making me a good human, I Love You Mom!"  Giving mom a BIG hug and saying thank you from the bottom of your heart is enough to make her melt. :-) 



Written by guest writer: Tara Huss

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