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Sisters... the best friend you will always have



When you think of your sister, you think about all those fun times you had and probably followed by the times that you were so mad at them for stealing that one shirt you wanted to wear. Maybe your sister is the only one who got you through your darkest days? Or how about that time your crush broke your heart in grade school and she was the first one to say "He's dumb anyway!". You just have to roll your eyes and say "That's my sister". No one has your back better then her and no one is allowed to bad mouth them but you. Your sister is the first person you want to call as soon as anything happens, good or bad. She is the only one who can make you mad, happy, and cry in the matter of minutes. Having your sister is one of the best gifts you can get!



 As much as we love our sisters, we may not always get to have them with us as much as we want, and some of us are not so good at putting into words just how much we care about them. ( I know I've been guilty of the last one :-/). Show some appreciation and thanks for Sis being the rock in your life. Having something that personalizes your relationship is always the best gift - sometimes something so simple can mean the most! Getting your sister a beautiful infinity bracelet or necklace to say "Hey sister, I love you and no matter what happens I AM ALWAYS HERE." Find a piece that expresses your love for her and your friendship.  

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