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Who Said Best Friend Jewelry Was For Little Girls?

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           Remember as little girls we all had that best friend that was ALWAYS with us, and at one point or another you made that best friend status known when you got matching "Best Friends" bracelets, necklaces or key chains? What ever happened to that? It seems at a certain age (probably the "too cool for everything" teenager stage) that completely stops. We still have that best friend but that necklace is long gone. Who says you cant have best friend jewelry as adults?

           Of course its not gonna be the matching cupcake or frog necklaces we used to wear ( I had both :/) Why don't we still do that but with "adult" versions. There are so many different ways to have something between you and your bestie without it necessarily having to say "best friends".  Just think of all the possibilities! One of my personal favorites is the Infinity Necklace that we offer. Its so timeless, it goes with everything and the interlocking circles is the perfect representation of your never ending friendship! 


           But Hey! If something that actually says "best friends" if your kinda thing don't worry we've got you covered! Why not take a peek at our Bar necklace, they can be personalized with whatever you want them to say! Or even matching necklaces or bracelets with each others initial on it... See what i mean? Never ending possibilities! Really ANYTHING in our shop can be perfect to symbolize your relationship with that friend who has been with you through all your best and worst moments. 


           You were thinking of your Bestie while reading this weren't you? (I know I was) Why not take a peek around! Get her a surprise she'd love, 'cause who knows her better then you do?! Thank her for always being there, for being your shoulder to cry on, for being your rock when you were feeling weak. Give her a piece that simply shows your love for her. A piece that'll last longer then that old plastic necklace. A piece that will last a lifetime, just like your friendship. 

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  • Jackie on

    Very cute and great read!

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